katrinix kempo (madespecial) wrote in qxandxu,
katrinix kempo

Ooooh! Maaa...

Hey guys, my names Katrina, and I love Uma, and I'm trying this thing where I can see all of her movies. Anyway, here's my introduction:

A) favorite movie directed by Quentin: Kill Bill 1 and 2
B) favorite movie Quentin acted in: Pulp Fiction.
C) favorite movie Uma acted in: Kill Bill
D) Whats your favorite thing about Quentin Tarantino as a director? He's smart, and witty, and he knows what the real world is like. And even though he has samurai swords, and blood and guts everywhere, he stills holds onto human emotions no matter what.

I love this community! I just wish it was busier...
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