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Quentin and Uma

....they were perfect strangers for the perfect crime

Quentin and Uma support group
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like Quentin Tarantino?
like his movies?
like Uma Thurman?
well this is for you!

Quentin & Uma Are "why aren't they together!?" Love.
Made by pure_likesnow

((1)) fill this out (it's not a rating, it's an introduction)::
A) favorite movie directed by Quentin
B) favorite movie Quentin acted in
C) favorite movie Uma acted in
D) Whats your favorite thing about Quentin Tarantino as a director?

((2)) you can promote communities as long as it's behind an lj-cut... don't know how to do an lj-cut? <*lj-cut> blah blah blah <*/lj-cut> (with out the stars)

((3)) Post pictures, stories, updates, icons, anything about Quentin and/or Uma... but don't get off topic!

((4)) Don't bash any other member, it's not nice, and thats not why this commmunity is here.

----- thank you!